Lilac Fever

Hi All,

Well, this spring is shaping up here in the northeast as a great season for two flowering plants: the lilacs and the dogwood trees. Some really spectacular blooms have occurred and they seem to be lingering rather than being just a fleeting moment in time before the plants get down to serious productive rather than reproductive activities. All other blooms have mostly been a big fizzle. I guess it was due to the cold spring. I just heard the other day that March’s average temperature was less than either the ones in January or February! The relatively warm winter coupled with a cool spring has definitely impacted the plants, flowers and trees. In fact, the magnolia blooms were virtually nonexistent due to the early cold weather. The tree across the street never bloomed at all!

Later this week everything changes. We’ll finally be in some solidly seasonal spring weather. Temperatures are expected to be in the 80s so outdoor activity will be finally in full swing.

I hope all of you have had a good spring (so far). Julia and I have, however we wished we were able to get outside some more to enjoy the spring and all the anticipated changes it brings after having a bleak and dreary winter. I’ll post more on this in the coming weeks. Have some fun and enjoy nature while you can.

Regards, Paul.

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