Looking for a mythical creature

Hunting for a unique print fabric is daunting and yet invigorating. I always look for ones that are bright and timeless. However, I’m also attracted to something crazy… like dragon prints. For Asians, the dragon is a prosperous symbol in their mythology. I was born and raised in North Borneo and the dragon creature is indeed mentioned in my culture. Perhaps that says everything about my interest in this mythical creature. Today though, you can find dragon prints everywhere. People with dragon tattoos are common.

While searching for that bright print fabric one day, I saw this one in particular. The print looked like flames. When I inspected it, it was indeed a dragon print! I purchased it and started thinking what should I do with it. I thought nobody would want it on a bag.

But, I made it into this bag anyway.

It didn’t last long. I didn’t even manage to sell it online. This backpack was sold right away. Since I offer a unique handmade bag, I can’t duplicate them. So the lucky guy has his one-of-a-kind dragon backpack!

I have handbags made from silk brocade fabric with dragons embroidered on it. The fabric is gorgeous and perfect for someone who wants to be bold and different.

Dragon Brocade Handbags

The colors available in my handbags section are brown, red and black